What You Can Do To Ensure Your Office/Workplace Is Safe From Covid-19

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There’s no doubt that businesses have gone above and beyond in the previous year to keep their employees safe and their operations running. Many businesses have dealt with the epidemic by introducing short-term measures like limiting capacity in offices and workplaces, embracing flexible working, and providing frequent COVID-19 testing to their employees.

As constraints continue to be lifted, many businesses will be eager to return to a more structured office working style that allows entire teams to feel comfortable collaborating, innovating, and enjoying the social aspects of work. The stopgap solutions utilised to keep functional during Covid-19 will not be enough to permit greater numbers gathering indoors safely in the future flu and virus seasons. Reducing capacity and enhancing the flow of fresh air through open windows may be a good start, but they aren’t long-term answers – or even feasible during the frigid winter months. Better ventilation and wellness technologies can help with this.


Embracing new ideas


We are professionals in clean air solutions at OKTO, and we can convert buildings of all shapes and sizes, providing the finest quality wellness technologies and clean air building ventilation solutions for your employees, clients, or customers, as well as futureproofing your office against illnesses and pollutants. We’ve been providing market-leading air cleaning technology, electronic security, and human-centric lighting control, window treatment, touchless control, and social distancing management to clients for over three decades.


While some businesses choose to invest solely in air purifiers, we recognise that this is insufficient to keep your employees comfortable and safe – many air purifiers simply recirculate toxic air around a space without trapping and killing pollutants and disease, and some even add to the problem by using technology such as plasma, bi-polar, and ozone generation. While these systems kill bacteria, they also introduce other pollution sources into the room, which react with microorganisms, and many air purifiers do not provide the claimed efficiency.


OKTO’s cutting-edge monitoring and automatic action technology provides building occupants with real-time air quality updates, with AI processors monitoring and controlling ventilation, air cleaning, and comfort cooling/heating systems to improve indoor air quality and promote overall wellbeing.


Our award-winning, ultra-advanced technology is medical-grade and chemical, and can disinfect air areas ranging from 500 square feet to one million square feet. We go beyond traditional air filtration methods with efficiency never seen in the industry, capable of destroying more than 99.99 percent of all toxic airborne particles down to 0.007 micron – each of our units is independently tested and certified to ensure better than HEPA efficiency and far exceeding the EN 1822 European Standard of technology stamina.

Increasing productivity


Protecting your employees from Covid-19 while also improving their health and productivity is a win-win situation. Employees want assurance from their employers that they will not only be safe when they return to work, but that their well-being will be taken care of as well. Indoor air that is free of contaminants is critical for increasing productivity and minimising employee sickness. Indoor air is up to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air, and just opening a window to bring fresh air in does very little to counteract hazardous air circulation or outdoor air circulation in general.


Clean air technology eliminates pollutants, lowering the need for our lungs to work overtime, which is both a long-term health risk and a drain on our energy reserves. Clean air in the workplace allows us to absorb more oxygen, keeping us alert, focused, and energised. Investing in clean air and wellness technology, which can improve cognitive function and reduce the number of sick days taken by employees, is not only the most effective way to keep your office Covid-19 secure, but it can also give your business a long-term financial boost and instil confidence in your staff and clients.


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