Safeguarding Our Indoor Air Quality Now & In The Future

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Indoors, in the eyes of many is a safe space, where you are away from the likes of exhausts and towering fumes that sweep through the city’s streets. In actual fact, indoor air is typically worse. In terms of protecting ourselves from air pollution and for a future of COVID-19 variants, generally breathing cleaner air and exhibiting better health as a result and also safeguarding society against any future pandemic – the time is now.


Instead of waiting for it to happen or doing nothing, we have been hard at work, pioneering the air purification sector, advancing through artificial intelligence and are delighted to offer to you the most advanced air cleaners, each individually tested to guarantee better than HEPA air purifier efficiency and exceeding the European HEPA Standard EN 1822 – ensuring you breathe 99.99% contaminant free air – the best that money can buy in fact. 


What makes indoor spaces so dangerous? 


Exhaled viruses and bacteria can accumulate and subsequently infect people who do not have direct contact with the infected person. There is a sea of data that suggests that COIVD-19 and its impending variants are mainly spread through the air and the inhalation of fine aerosol particulates that stay and pollute the air for hours. There are many arguments from researchers that line the pages of The British Medical Journal and The Lancet Report. On April 30, the World Health Organization updated its transmission information to acknowledge aerosols as a source of spread – with little data favouring droplets or contact with surfaces that are contaminated as a primary spread source.


Ever since the WHO acknowledged last year that airborne transmission could happen, public-health agencies have emphasised the risks in crowded and poorly ventilated indoor spaces. The hospitality sector got the majority of the blame due to poor terminology, but in reality it is any indoor space that is at risk of poor ventilation and dirty air – something that the majority of people are blissfully unaware of.


To just ventilate is not enough, essentially that is the dilution, not the eradication of any viruses present in the air. Charles Haas is an environmental engineer at Drexel University in Philadelphia and stated that 


“If all you do is move dirty air around, the effect is not going to be beneficial”


It is simply not enough to open a window for ventilation with outdoor pollutants entering and polluting the air indoors, and the fact that simple HVAC ventilation can carry infectious viruses into rooms connected. The solution you ask? The solution is not to move air, or ventilate, the solution is to clean the air, that is the key to eradicating future airborne transmissions, the solution to overall improved health and the solution to numerous other current problems such as work related fatigue, productivity and poor health.


OKTOair’s air filtration and cleaning solutions are scalable up to 1 million sq ft with both portable and engineered solutions – the perfect solution for clean, fresh, healthy filtered air in buildings. Experts recommend that air is filtered through at least a HEPA filter, if not better – we are that solution. We use HEPA filters alongside our patented DFS technology in our Intellipure device, world leading technology that exceeds the European HEPA Standard EN 1822 with each unit individually tested and certified to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency. Our technology is 99.99% effective at permanently removing and eradicating particulates from the air down to 0.007 microns (COVID-19 is 0.1 micron), exceeding the previous industry standards of 99.97% which is 0.3 microns.


Why Does It Matter?


The tiniest suspended particles can remain airborne for hours, and these constitute an important route of transmission and cleaning the air is the solution to this. Accepting the research that finds that someone – indoors – can inhale the virus and get infected when more than 2m away from the original source (after they have left) and whilst even wearing a mask gives much more urgency and importance to air cleaning solutions rather than air replacement.


Looking into the future, with COVID-19, not such an imminent threat, the other benefits are truly endless with improved air quality. Through Air purification, there will be a reduction in sick leave for other viruses and influenzas as well as improved long and short term health benefits with the removal of dangerous toxins and pollutants that get into our bloodstream and cause heart and lung diseases, cancers and long term respiratory health effects. On top of this, there will be a reduction in allergies, improvements in mental health and stress, productivity and cognitive function – which could save companies significant amounts of money – offsetting the initial investment in an air purification solution. 


Air cleaning and filtration technologies are becoming ever more efficient and we are pioneering the very best in air purification, protecting the people and with a huge range, built for all budgets and indoor spaces, we have a solution that will suit all situations and buildings. From small units that filter the air to huge scalable engineered adaptable solutions, our mission is to bring clean air and improved health to the Isle of Ireland.


Get in contact with us today to talk about the right solution for you and begin your journey to better health through air quality management.