Air Monitoring – What Are You Really Breathing In Your City?

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

When you walk into a building, a shop, an office, a school or a restaurant, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the air you are breathing is safe, clean air? Some countries offer displays of Carbon Dioxide levels outside their businesses and classrooms promoting air quality awareness – but what about the indoor air quality and the focus on air quality improvement? What about all of the other pollutants that the majority are unaware they are breathing in? Why are we not privileged enough to see the quality of the air that we are breathing? Should this not be available in every building that we enter? Is our health not a top priority?


Without adequate air ventilation and air purification solutions in place, the pollutants in the air are left to their own devices and subsequently inhaled. Putting aside the likes of exhausts, VOC’s and COVID-19 (which we talk about in depth here – this will link to the other blog) and focusing on CO2 – people breathe out CO2  all of the time – each breath equating to in and around 4 per cent. Without adequate air purification and ventilation solutions, the levels of toxins and pollutants build up and studies have shown that performance suffers and decision making becomes difficult as the levels rise.


When people are outside, the air is quick to dilute, for every million molecules of the air outside, there are in and around 400 carbon dioxide molecules, indoor air shouldn’t rise above 700 particles per million – but most premises without good ventilation and purification solutions mark much higher than this, the time to buy an air purifier is now.

At OKTOair, we were already proud to be stationed in Dublin, but now more so than ever with the latest news. Nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide as well as very fine dust particles are now going to be monitored as these pollutants are viewed by WHO and now Dublin City Council to be of great concern to human health.

Dublin is the first Irish city to sign up for the campaign – BreatheLife, committing to meet WHO air quality guidelines by 2030.

The movement is coming, the upstanding, the demand for health and wellness continues. While outdoor air quality is a great concern, we actually spend 90% of our time indoors which is more polluted than outdoors and it is stagnant, polluted indoor air that poses more risks to human health. Everyone is subjected to this polluted air on a daily basis without the right air purification solution that cleans the air.


Moving forward from the pandemic, there has been a huge shift, a huge awareness of the invisible problem we face and while COVID-19 temporarily brought down the pollution levels outdoor, this did not solve the air pollution crisis. The movement needs to continue, air pollution, indoor air quality, everyone’s health. The unnecessary deaths that are caused each year by air pollution need to stop – they are so avoidable and OKTOair are committed to changing the way we think of breathing, bringing fresh air to the masses. 

We at OKTOair provide pioneering Air Quality Management Solutions that monitor and control indoor and outdoor air quality, using IOT sensors with real time results shown on apps and dashboards. World-Leading air cleaning technology that exceeds the European HEPA Standard EN 1822 and is Ozone and Chemical-free is used to clean and purify the air, eradicating 99.99% ultrafine toxins, pollutants and pathogens to 0.007 microns. Solutions are available from 500 to 1 million sq.ft. Get in touch today to discuss the right solution for you.