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Air purification, air cleaners for that matter, have always been a consideration, but with the recent pandemic, there has been a worldwide shift in the public’s perception of health, resulting in a wave of demand for health and wellness, with air quality coming out on top, as covid-19 was widely distributed by micro airborne particles.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, air pollution has become the single greatest environmental health risk in the world, causing almost 7 million deaths in 2018.

The problem with air pollution is that, no matter how serious it becomes, it is essentially an “invisible” problem, making it difficult to communicate the gravity of the situation. However, with OKTOair’s air cleaners, the quality of the air you are breathing becomes visible thanks to Artificial Intelligence and a cutting-edge application that exceeds EN 1822 European Strictures.

You would be appalled if you were strolling down the street and saw what was going into your body with every breath; you would be even more horrified if you realised that indoors is even worse, and that is where you sit all day. I’m referring to your home, office, and commute. You are constantly inhaling hazardous particles.



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Benefits Of Improved Air Quality

Have confidence in the air you breathe… You Deserve It!

Off the heels of the Covid-19 epidemic, OKTOair is casting a light on air purification, but it’s not just Covid-19 that we should be concerned about; new evidence shows a substantial correlation between indoor and outdoor air pollution and cancer


The BEnefits of air Cleaners are endless…

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Eliminates Harmful Chemicals from Indoor Environments 

Whether you live in a large city or with lots of traffic or not, the air inside your home can still become polluted with toxins from various sources such as cleaning agents. Many of which contain harmful chemicals that are normally harmless in small doses but routine exposure can lead to serious health issues. 

Neutralises Unpleasant Odors and Reduces Moisture

Did you know harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCSs), are found in common household items such as aerosol sprays, upholstered furniture or air fresheners. These odors can cause nausea, breathlessness and even affect your cognitive function. 

Improves Sleep

With improved air quality you will also begin to experience improved sleep quality too. This is because less bacteria and allergens in the air means you are less likely to be disrupted by a runny nose, sneezing or coughing. Allowing you to sleep the whole night through. 

Can Increase Life Expectancy

It’s not surprising that the quality of the air you breathe has an impact on your life expectancy. This is because harmful chemicals in the air can accumulate in your lungs and even impact your brain and cognitive function. 

Home air purification systems

Fresh healthy air and free from pollutants

The air purifier Ireland can rely on, it will ensure that you and your family are inhaling clean, fresh air that is not harmful to your health. The OKTOair Intellipure Compact  is one of those devices. With its unique DFS technology and particle effectiveness of 99.99 percent @0.007 micron, this compact air purification system complements any home.

office air purification systems

Fresh healthy air and free from pollutants

An office of ten or more workers might be lured to the OKTOair NAME PRODUCT because it exudes sophistication and will bring your air up to par with hospitals and military applications.


Clean, fresh healthy and free from pollutants can provide so many health beneifts, so whatever industry you are in, be it residential, health care, hospitality, education, retail, offices or leisure, we have a solutiont hat will suit you.


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